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IN YOUR EAR is the first children's album from fleaBITE, the fabulous new creation from the producer of FATCAT & FISHFACE.

IN YOUR EAR is an album of 12 fresh, funny and bittersweet songs that will get under your skin and have you itching for more. Meet the hairiest person in the world, join an exercise class for insects, take a ride on a tugboat and hang out with famous people.

fleaBITE’s production soars above the usual kids’ fare, and is adult- friendly!

If your taste veers towards Spike Milligan, Roald Dahl and Maurice Sendak, you’re in fleaBITE territory.



released August 3, 2011

Songs written and produced by ROBIN NATHAN
Songs performed by fleaBITE

Additional musicians:
Jazz sax virtuoso JEFF HENDERSON
Guest Vocalist JANET RODDICK
Electric Gat/ bvs STEVE ROCHE




all rights reserved


fleaBITE New Zealand

fleaBITE's latest CD CIRCUS OF FLEAS has won the Best New Zealand Children's Album award.

fleaBITE is by Robin Nathan, the producer of the 'Fatcat & Fishface' CD series.

Judges said "CIRCUS OF FLEAS is the perfect mix of entertainment, originality and intelligence."
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Track Name: HAIR
Why is it there?
People stop and people stare

When I walk out of the door
It flows from my armpits and down to the floor
When I go out in the street
It grows from my head down to my feet

When I smile it gets in my mouth
I'm so hairy west, north, east and south
When I eat it gets in my food
I'm so hairy I never get nude

No-one can tell if I'm happy or sad
No-one can tell if I'm good or I'm bad
I brush my body and I brush my teeth
U'm hairy above and I'm hairy beneath

When I look it gets in my eyes
I see the world through a hairy disguise
When I cry it wipes up my tears
I've been hairy for months and for years
Track Name: MEEP
Playing with puss in the garden
I have got nothing to fear
Sweet little pussycat loves me forever
And never would cause me to shed any tear

We dig small holes and we leap after butterflies
Birds flutterby in the afternoon afternoon
And then...pussy claws
And she scratches me

Puss is so sorry she hurt me
She has that look in her
So I forgave her, to return the favour
She gives me a lick where the blood trickles by

We play 'til lunchthen we go the kitchen
Where mother is fixing a sandwich with ham and cheese
Then...pussy claws
And she scratches me

Civilized pussies don't hurt you
They're like your bestest of friends
I tell her that as she sits on the mat
By the end of my bed
And we both make amends

We read a book about lions in the jungle
With pictures of jauguars going for the jugular
Then...pussy teeth
Then...pussy claws
Then...pussy smiles
Thunder box
Doing the Thunder box

Bring the rainmaker
(Boom Boom)
There’s going to be a storm tonight
Make the earth shake
(Boom Boom)
Jumping up and down all through the night

CHORUS: We’re going to do a dance
Like a lightning storm
Never in the same place twice
Move it all around
At the speed of sound
Come on everybody
Don’t play nice

Thunder box
Doing the thunder box

Wind grows higher
(Boom Boom)
There’s going to be a storm tonight
Your feet are on fire
Boom Boom)
Jumping up and down all through the night

Bring it on
Bring it on

Thunder rolling
(Boom Boom)
There’s going to be a storm tonight
Devil patrolling
Jumping up and down till morning light
Track Name: YOU'RE A DRIP
1. You’re a drip
You join
With others
Of your kind
From the lakes
To streams
To oceans

You come as rain
To earth
From dark clouds
Always in
A downward

We try and catch
Your drippiness
We need it
For life
We try and squeeze
You into
A series
Of pipes

You’re a drip
You’re a drip
You’re a drip

2. We turn on
Our taps
And out you
Just come
We’re lazy
We like it
That way

And when we’ve had enough
It’s easy
We just turn you off
And trapped in
Our plumbing
You stay

You seem so clean
We drink you
We wash and
We spray
And when we’ve finished
Unplug you
You just go

You’re a drip
You’re a drip
You’re a drip

Fish swim in you
Dive down deep

3. We call you drink
And liquid
And water
And bath
And puddle
And dampness
And rain

We sip and
We swallow
We flush
Thanks for coming
Nice to see you

Where do you go
Where are you headed
So moistly
And wet
Out to the sea
And oceans
And rivers
I bet

You’re a drip
You’re a drip
You’re a drip
Track Name: TUG
If you want to pull a boat
Then who do you call
Tug Tug
If you want to push and shove
With your back to the wall
Tug tug

Get it to the harbour
Then get it out
Forward or backwards
Inside out

CHORUS: We just can’t do without our
Tug Tug
Don’t doubt it

Sound the alarm
And full steam ahead
Tug Tug
Take it or leave it
You’ll go where you’re led
Tug Tug

Who’s got the power
Who’s got control
Harbourmaster says
It’s time to rock’n’roll
Tug tug

Salt in the water
Salt in the air
Tug Tug
Brave little boat
She just don’t care
Tug Tug

Could be an iceberg
Could be a whale
Could be a taniwha
Lashing with its tail

We love our
Tug Tug
Track Name: FAR AWAY
Far away
The ship sets sail
On to foreign islands

CHORUS: Time to leave
Time to go
Cos the tides tells me so
Come with me

On a wing and a prayer
Let the winds take us far
Far away

Floating gently
Out to sea
Dolphins leap beside us

Up we go
And down the other side
Fast then slow
This rollercoaster ride

Storm clouds pass
The ship sails on
Flying fish to guide us
Track Name: MEDUSA
They call her Medusa
The Belle of the Ball
They wine her and dine her
But she has no brains at all

CHORUS: Medusa
The Belle of the Ball

She glides to the ballroom
She looks like a queen
She twirls and she dances
As if she’s in a dream

She’s pretty and she’s dangerous
She’s like a wish come true
She is just a jellyfish
Her body is see-through

They call her Medusa
The Belle of the Ball
She goes with the flow
But she has no heart at all
Track Name: TIME GOES BY
Bury me under a tree
Let the great moonbeam
Smile down on me

Bury me under a stone
Let the birds sing
So I won’t be alone

CHORUS: I will rise
Just like a sunflower
My face to the day

I will fly
Through the effortless hours
That get tick tocked away
Time goes by

Show me the mountains and streams
Let me ride the wind
To the land of your dreams

Show me more
Secrets now spoken
Will unlock the door

Look at the ground down below
Smallest spring seedlings
Are starting to grow

Look at the stars up above
For millions of years
They have witnessed our love
Insects Insects
Don’t be shy
Stretch your legs
And stretch them high

Thorax in
Antennae free
I won’t sting you
If you won’t sting me

2. Insects Insects
Bend those knees
All six of them
Together please

Except for spiders
You have eight
And centipedes
Now don’t be late

3. Insects Insects
Lift those weights
Especially ants
Just concentrate

Build those muscles
Hard and strong
Come on now
It won’t take long

4. Stretch those legs!
Bend those knees!
Lift those weights!
1,2 3

Insect power
Insect might
The Insect Army
Will march tonight!
CHORUS: We’re so famous
No-one can blame us
We’re so famous

1. Hello Hello
Hi Hi
Nice to see ya Wouldn’t want to be ya
Good to know ya Come here and I’ll show ya
Wanna shake my hand? If you give me a grand
Goodbye Bye

2. Hey you Me?
Yes you You talking to me?
I’m talking to you Why?
I got something to say Really?
Are you listening to me? No
Goodbye Bye

Ooh wop she wop
Ooh wop she doodle doodle
Ooh wop she wop
Wang dang stick it in a biscuit
Ooh wop she wop
Ooh wop she wiggle won’t she
Ooh wop she wop

3.Look at me I’m busy
I’m really good So?
You won’t wanna miss me Uh huh
You might wanna kiss me Ugh!
Want my autograph Doubt it
Goodbye Bye
Track Name: fleaBITE IN YOUR EAR
fleaBITE in your ear